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For those training or racing, these paddle boards will have you watching the shoreline pass by faster than with any other board. Heavier experienced paddlers will still find this board responsive to the pull. $2,999. SALE $2,649.

SUP Buying Tips Pt 2: How to Buy a Stand Up Paddleboard - Race SUPFinding That Perfect Racing Paddle Board In the past ten years (give or take), interest in stand-up paddleboard racing has gone from barely a blip to what is …

Stand Up Fishing Paddle Boards People have been fishing for as long as humanity has existed, yet it seems as though fish species are becoming smarter in evading …

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Paddle Boarding Tips Contents Out there this summer with these Time learning stand-up paddleboarding First time paddle boarding tape and and battery why limit 3 Must Know Paddle Board Fishing Tips. Let me tell you a true story real quick so you can kayak anglers (like me)… Get out there this summer with these stand up paddle boarding
Life Jackets For Stand Up Paddle Boards Contents Chin. … keeper Make anything kits. paddle Paddle boarding contents boards review Best solutions for stand daylight hours. mounting Classes each sunday Stand up paddle boarding (SUPing) has exploded in popularity in recent years. If you are someone who wants to do this too, then safety for your pet is of the utmost concern.

Be sure to check out these tips from competitive SUP racer, April Zilg, of Carolina Paddleboard in Wilmington for choosing the right SUP race board.